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MCA Membership Requirements

A. Active members: Only such coaches, athletic directors, athletic trainers or administrators who are or will be actively engaged in their respective professions in High School or Junior High and Elementary athletics in State of Montana and who are otherwise acceptable to the organization shall be eligible for active membership, and each active member shall have the privilege of one vote.

B. Associate Membership: Any college or out-of-state coach, athletic director or trainer is eligible for Associate membership. Also any individual who served at least 10 year in the coaching profession previously. Associate members are entitled to all privileges of the Association except voting privileges.

C. Honorary Membership: Honorary membership shall be conferred upon persons selected by the Administrative Board. Selections may be made from the coaching fraternity, athletic directors, athletic trainers, administrators, news media, etc. Selection shall be based on long time contributions to Montana athletic programs and/or to the Montana Coaches Association. Honorary members shall have the same privileges as Associate members and shall have their dues waived.

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Benefits of Becoming a Member of the MCA

    1. Stages an annual coaching clinic in August featuring college coaches from all over the United States plus outstanding Montana High School coaches. Also features an outstanding Sports Medicine and Athletic Director sessions with rave reviews. Our speakers have included 96 college coaches and pro who have won a total of 273 national championships. Our speakers have also coached teams to 37 National AAU or comparable, championships, 1 NBA and 4 WNBA titles and 7 Olympic championships, and have coached many individual Olympic champions. Our wrestling clinicians include five former Olympic champions with a total of nine gold medals. Social highlights of the clinic have included an opening night steak barbecue, Reception hosted by the Frontier Conference, Social night at the Flamingo and the annual MCA awards ceremony and luncheon. Up to 6 semester units of college credit are available. Equivalency credit and PIR days credit are also available at no extra charge. Many participants tell us it is the best clinic they attend.


    1. Has established a Montana Coaches Hall of Fame with 171 members inducted since 1982. Additional members will be added through the years. We solicit your nominations. 17″ X 24″ plaques with pictures, are permanently displayed at the Brick Breeden Fieldhouse at MSU. Individuals receive smaller plaques. Members are granted lifetime passes to all MHSA athletic contests and tournaments. Mike Gear at Sidney has nomination forms.


    1. Selects from its members, qualified nominees for regional and national Coach of the Year in all high school sports. Montana has had 12 National Coaches of the Year, 6 Distinguished Service Award winners and 1 National Athletic Director of the Year, plus numerous regional winners. We also have 13 inductees in the NHSACA Hall of Fame. If you would like to suggest a nominee for that honor, please contact a board member. The NHSACA suggests at least 30 years of Service.


    1. Provides All‑State and All‑Conference certificates for athletes in all MHSA sanctioned sports. Coaches, contact your class representative for information.


    1. Selects from its members, Coaches of the Year in all high school sports with 35 or more members. An exception will be made to the “35” minimum if a sport has at least 75% of eligible head coaches as members. First time winners are rewarded with beautiful rings and repeaters receive plaques. Other nominees and member assistants to Coaches of the Year, are awarded certificates. Deadlines for joining to be eligible for Coach of the Year nomination are October 15th for fall sports, January 20th for swimming & wrestling, February 15th for basketball and May 1st for spring sports. Two “Special Sports” Coaches of the Year are selected from sports that do not meet one or both of the requirements above.


    1. Gives an Assistant Coach of the Year award to honor the many assistants who contribute so much to athletic programs. Junior High coaches as well as High School and College member Assistants may be nominated by any MCA member. Scott King has nomination forms. Winners are awarded a ring and other nominees a certificate.


    1. Honors member coaches for long time service. Awards include certificates for 15 years, pins and certificates for 20 years and beautiful plaques for 25, 30, 35, 40, 45, 50, 55 and 60 years and up. Five years of service must be in Montana and you must have been active in Montana the year before your award.


    1. Has input into the MHSA through its Athletic Committee which was established at the request of the MCA in 1970 and has been an important advisory body ever since.


    1. Has requested and received free admission policies for regular season games with the Community Colleges, the Frontier Conference schools and MSU-Billings, plus Grizzly and Bobcat games which are not sellouts.


    1. Has an agreement with all MHSA schools to admit MCA members to regular season games upon presentation of membership card.


    1. Strives to promote better athletic programs in Montana at all levels and to improve conditions for coaches. Questions and suggestions are welcomed. Please contact your class representative or one of the officers.


    1. Nominates athletes for All‑American teams.


    1. Awards $500 college scholarships each year to three senior boys and three senior girls. Schedule Star is our corporate sponsor, donating $1,500.


    1. New in 2013 – One $1000 “Ralph Halverson College Scholarship” (donations are welcome to sustain this fund).


    1. Presents congratulatory certificates to high school state championship coaches and to college coaches who win Conference and/or National championships. Membership is not a requirement for these.


    1. Cooperates with the MHSA in their “Aim Higher” program, in promoting a drug education program available for presentation by coaches to athletes, hosts their sports committee meetings at the MCA Clinic, aids in promoting sportsmanship and in 1995 we paid for printing the MHSA record book.


    1. Encourages members to get involved in service to the Special Olympics programs.


    1. Cooperates with the Bozeman Trophy Co. to select each year an “Outstanding Contributor to Montana Athletics”. A beautiful plaque is presented at the Clinic by Bozeman Trophy. Contact Patrick Schumacher of Bozeman Trophy for nomination forms.


    1. Honors outstanding student athletes and cheerleaders with Academic All‑State Certificates in all MHSA sponsored sports.


    1. Cooperates with Universal Athletics in their scholarship program for graduating athletes.


    1. Enrolls members in a million dollar coach’s liability policy. This includes coverage while working camps of sports that are approved by the MHSA. College members and out-of-state members are covered, also. Coaches who are also teachers, are covered while in the classroom including Sexual Abuse Liability Coverage with a per member limit of $25,000.


    1. Affiliates with the National Organization Coaches Association Directors allowing us to share in their liability insurance program.


  1. Distributes three newsletters per year.

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